description:watchdog timer based upon the IPMI interface.
author:Corey Minyard
parm:action:Timeout action. One of: reset, none, power_cycle, power_off.
parm:ifnum_to_use:The interface number to use for the watchdog timer. Setting to -1 defaults to the first registered interface
parm:preaction:Pretimeout action. One of: pre_none, pre_smi, pre_nmi, pre_int.
parm:preop:Pretimeout driver operation. One of: preop_none, preop_panic, preop_give_data.
parm:pretimeout:Pretimeout value in seconds.
parm:start_now:Set to 1 to start the watchdog assoon as the driver is loaded. (int)
parm:timeout:Timeout value in seconds.
architectures:arm i386 mips powerpc x86_64
versions:v2.6.29 v2.6.30 v2.6.31 v2.6.32 v2.6.33 v2.6.34 v2.6.35 v2.6.36 v2.6.37 v2.6.38 v2.6.39 v3.0 v3.1 v3.2 v3.3 v3.4 v3.5