description:MAX6875 driver
author:Ben Gardner
parm:force:List of adapter,address pairs to boldly assume to be present (array of short)
parm:force_max6875:List of adapter,address pairs which are unquestionably assumed to contain a `max6875' chip (array of short)
parm:probe:List of adapter,address pairs to scan additionally (array of short)
architectures:arm i386 mips powerpc x86_64
versions:v2.6.29 v2.6.30 v2.6.31 v2.6.32 v2.6.33 v2.6.34 v2.6.35 v2.6.36 v2.6.37 v2.6.38 v2.6.39 v3.0 v3.1 v3.2 v3.3 v3.4 v3.5